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Christopher Henderson

Metal Wall Sculpture Titled "MZone"

Metal Wall Sculpture Titled "MZone"

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Christopher Henderson, a fine metal artist, crafted the Earth Tone Wave Art, an abstract Metal Wall Sculpture.

This eye-catching 3D metal wall sculpture is known as "MZone". Its intricate reflective engraved patterns adorn sophisticated zigzag panels accented by vibrant earth tones. The finishing surface changes with the light in your room, creating an intriguing visual effect.


Size 1 - 700mm (W) X 150mm (H)

Size 2 - 800mm (W) X 175mm (H)

Size 3 - 1000mm (W) X 200mm (H)

Option to have as a gallery set of 1 ,2 or 3 panels


Constructed of premium aluminum and earth tone dyes, this bronze and allure olive green on natural silver aluminum wall art piece arrives pre-fitted with hangers and foam spacers for effortless display. Handcrafted in the UK and boxed securely for safe transit, this sculpture is highly versatile and can be customised to suit any need.

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If you have any specific customizations in mind for your artwork, our artist is more than happy to accommodate your requests. Whether it is a particular colour scheme, size adjustment, or any other modification, simply communicate your ideas with the artist, and they will do their best to bring your vision to life. However, please note that certain customizations may incur additional costs, as they may require extra labour or specific materials.



In choosing handmade to order, you are not only investing in a truly outstanding artwork but also fostering a collaborative relationship with the artist. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we strive to ensure that every aspect of your order is tailored to your desires. Experience the joy of owning meticulously crafted and customized artwork, made exclusively for you

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