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At Modern Elements Art we are thrilled to share our collections of exceptional handcrafted works of art from artist Christopher Henderson.

My metal wall art is a type of decorative artwork that is made from metal materials. This type of art has become popular in recent years, and can be found in a variety of styles and designs on this website. The metal art is created using a variety of techniques such as grinding, welding, cutting, sanding into different shapes and forms. Some common types of metal used for this art include steel, aluminum, brass, and copper. My metal wall decor can be found in various forms like abstract, geometric, floral, and contemporary designs, and can be painted or left in its natural metallic finish. Metal wall art is a great way to add texture, dimension, and interest to any room, and can serve as a focal point in your home decor.

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    Designed with integrity and handmade by a dedicated artisian.

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    We believe in affordable pricing and having gallery offers on most of our metal art.

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    All metal wall art comes with certificate of authenticity verified by Verisart on the blockchain.

Metal Wall Art by Christopher Henderson

Introducing Modern Wall Art by Christopher Henderson, his standout metal wall art sculptures & unique clocks offer a superior level of modern artistry and exclusivity. Crafted with exceptional attention to detail by the dedicated artist Christopher Henderson, his metal art is sure to be the centerpiece of any home. Enjoy the timeless elegance of our unique wall art, delivered with one-of-a-kind sophistication

So immerse your inner passion for contemporary design in our collections of metal wall art, metal paintings, abstract wall sculptures, large clocks & more... 

"All my artwork & timepieces are 100% original designs, sculpted & painted in my studio in the UK."