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Use this guide to find out what size wall art you need

Wall art size

Do you want to display metal art in your home?

So Here How to Know What Size wall Art You Need?

First, you need to be sure that the size of the piece, suits the dimensions of the walls and furniture.

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Common mistakes when displaying metal art

Creating a tiny little art island on a huge empty wall

Hanging a piece so high that it's impossible to see

Where should my metal art hang?

The art should be between 4/7 and 3/4 as wide as the furniture it's hung above
The centre of the piece should be about 58" or about 1500mm high. (That is the standard height for paintings in an art gallery)
The bottom of the piece should hang 6"-12" (150-300mm) above the closest piece of furniture.
How to calculate what size art you need...

How to calculate what size art you need...

STEP 1 - Measure the furniture's length.
STEP 2 - Multiply the length by .57 (4/7). Do this again by multiplying the length by .75 (3/4). This gives us the size range for our wall art.
The sofa is 1600mm in length, then we use our formula;
1600 x .57 = 912mm
1600 x .75 = 1200mm
We can round up to the nearest 100th after using the formula and your art should be between 900 - 1200mm long.
You can also apply the formula to a gallery wall when using multi panel smaller pieces to cover the recommended width.

Creating a gallery wall using smaller art pieces...

You can also apply the formula to a gallery wall when using smaller multi-panels. The space between the pieces will need to be 1-2" apart, so be sure to take those into account when calculating the total width. 
Find examples of multiple wall art panels here

Common places where you can hang metal art;

Above Sofas
Dining areas
Above Tables
Above Office Desks
Explore wall art for your space

Some common places where you see metal art displayed

Public Places 

Healthcare Industry

Hotels & Leisure Industry 

Pubs & Restaurants 

Office & Corporate Events

Hanging Metal Wall Art

The recommended conditions for hanging metal art...

The best place to hang metal wall art is on a wall that has a flat and smooth surface.
It is recommended that you hang it on a wall that has a neutral colour or a colour that complements the art.
Art should be hung at eye level and centred on the wall.
It is important to consider the lighting in the room as the reflection of the metal can create glare and affect visibility.
Let me know how you determine what wall art size you need?
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