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Christopher Henderson

Extra Large Wall Clock Titled "Solana" (Set of 3)

Extra Large Wall Clock Titled "Solana" (Set of 3)

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Sleek design and modern aesthetic, the Solana extra large wall clock adds a touch of modern magic to any space.

The 3 piece wall art layout not only makes a bold statement but also offers functionality.

Measuring at an impressive size, the extra large wall clock has contrasting effects as the light react to its surface. Handcrafted with high-quality materials, the Solana timepiece not only guarantees durability but also exudes timeless elegance. 

Perfect for homes, offices, or even commercial spaces, the Solana extra large wall clock is a perfect for those who value both aesthetics and practicality.

Get the Solana timepiece today and transform any room into a stylish and timely haven.

All of Christopher Henderson's Solana wall clocks, crafted with solid aluminum and available in a natural silver or designer-colored clock face, are the perfect addition to any modern art decor.

With easy-to-display hangers and foam spacers on the back, the wall art product hangs off the wall with dimensions of 950mm (with 25mm gaps) (W) x 600mm (H) x 25mm (D).

Carefully packaged and protected for transit, this handmade clock from the UK is customizable to your requirements.

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About Modern Elements Art

Our art at Modern Elements Art is handcrafted and made from materials such as stainless steel, copper, aluminium, and brass. Christopher's metal wall art typically features sleek and abstract designs, incorporating geometric shapes, lines, and patterns to create a contemporary and unique aesthetic. His style of art can be seen in various forms such as wall sculptures, abstract paintings, large metal wall art, and functional art installations. Most of Christopher's clients often use his art to create a modern and sophisticated look in their homes, offices, and public spaces.

Artist Christopher Henderson

Get to know your artist.

Christopher has worked as a metal worker for most of his working life and has a passion for creating and designing things from metal and other materials. He was artistic growing up and had a great appreciation for all kinds of art. His uncle was a geometric & abstract artist, and his dad was a fine art dealer, so you could say it was in his gene pool. Christopher Henderson is a contemporary artist who creates evocative abstract paintings, metal art, and more. He is known for his unique style that blends organic and architectural elements. Henderson's works are characterized by a harmonious combination of vibrant colors and intricate geometric patterns. His creations often convey a sense of movement and energy, inviting the viewer to explore a world of fluid forms and textures.

Henderson's art has been exhibited in galleries around the world, and his works are part of numerous private and public collections.

In terms of his metal art, Christopher Henderson's paintings and wall sculptures make a bold statement in any room. His abstract style allows for interpretation by the viewer, which adds to the allure of his pieces. From bright and energetic to muted and contemplative, Christopher Henderson's artwork would suit almost any decor style.

Handmade Metal Art

Christopher's skills as a time-served engineer have become very useful for the creative process of his metal art. Techniques like welding, drilling, sanding, and grinding are just some, as well as painting and patina skills. 

Overall, Christopher Henderson's work is highly regarded in the contemporary art world, and his unique style is recognized and appreciated by art enthusiasts and collectors alike.

Please contact us for commissioned artwork

Modern Elements Art Studio

Only quality materials are used to produce his art, some of these being aluminum, copper, brass, and stainless steel. Most of his art is in aluminum because of its durability and lightweight capabilities. He finds these materials are great mediums to manipulate and sculpt to his artistic needs.

The magic comes with the grinding where he can engrave mesmerizing light reflective patterns that flow together catching the light to create dramatic and stunning effects.

If you desire a customized or commissioned art piece then don't hesitate to contact the artist anytime.

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Customer Reviews

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Terry Lynn
Solana Clock

Beautiful clock, really pleased with this. My only complaint would be that the second hand for this clock should have been wrapped separately. Only when I was breaking up the packaging I found it.