Modern Artist Christopher Henderson

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Christopher Henderson is a modern artist from Hull, UK, who's main medium is metal. Henderson's artwork focuses on geometric shapes and textures, exploring the connection between man-made materials and nature. He creates large-scale sculptures and paintings, using metals like steel, aluminium, and copper. His artwork has been exhibited in collectors spaces throughout the world, and he has created custom pieces for private clients and some organisations. Henderson is a rising artist in the contemporary art world, with his unique approach to metalwork capturing the attention of collectors and art enthusiasts.

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Featured Artwork

Collection: Silver Metal Wall Art

Browse this collection of silver metal wall art, providing sophistication and elegance for your space

If you're looking for unique and modern silver metal wall art to decorate your home or office space, Christopher Henderson's silver wall art pieces are worth exploring for their contemporary style.

Showcasing abstract and geometric elements that add flair and visual interest to any room

Crafted with a keen eye for detail, Henderson's silver metal wall art pieces are made with high-quality materials for a long-lasting finish. His signature pieces include intricate designs of geometric shapes, nature-inspired patterns, and abstract interpretations of the world around him.
Whether you prefer a minimalist, abstract, or industrial aesthetic, Henderson's silver wall art options have something for everyone. With its clean, sophisticated look, metallic wall art can add a touch of levity and glamour to any room. Perfect for enhancing a monochromatic decor scheme, it also complements bold accent hues as a statement piece.

Christopher Henderson's silver wall art pieces will undoubtedly appeal to modern art collectors and interior decorators alike.