The Artists Process

At Modern Elements Art our artists have a unique and innovative product process

Unlike most artists all of my metal art is bespoke handmade when each order is placed. Extreme effort to produce only what is necessary to decrease waste and increase time efficiency in always taken into consideration. Using this method makes each artworks overall quality is improved and gives each piece it's own originality.

Even though each artwork is a reproduction of the initial product image, because of product process no two will ever be the same. The process it's self will be the same but unlike a print it is possible to replicate exactly. These very slight difference is what makes your are totally unique to you.

The elements of my art are colour, form, lines, shapes, space, and textures.

The principles of my art are scale, proportion, variety, mass, shape, balance, volume, perspective, and depth.

Our Production Process

  • You order & we process
  • Your materials are cut and prepared
  • The unique artistic process is made using Christopher's signature engraving techniques
  • Vibrant Paints and Inks are used
  • The hanging parts are essembled to make the finished artwork
  • Artwork is carefully packaged and secure for transit
  • Your order is dispatched

Checkout the artist at work 👍

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