About Modern Elements Art by Christopher Henderson

Metal wall art sculptures

Discover the World of Exceptional Metal Artistry

Meet Christopher Henderson, the creative mind behind Modern Elements Metal Art. He's an innovative artist and master craftsman who continually pushes the limits of metalworking.

At Modern Elements Metal Art, each piece is meticulously crafted by hand using a fusion of traditional and state-of-the-art techniques. The result is an awe-inspiring collection of art that caters to both modern design connoisseurs and collectors.

From mesmerizing abstract paintings to captivating wall sculptures, our modern metal art collection adds the perfect amount of sophistication and style to your home or office.

We're not just limited to wall art, either. We offer a range of unique metal decor and conversation-starter wall clocks that are designed to transform any space.

If you're seeking a striking statement piece for your gallery wall or a timeless addition to your interior, Modern Elements Metal Art is the ideal solution. Don't wait – explore our collection now and unlock the limitless possibilities of contemporary metalwork

About the Art?

Only quality materials are used to produce the metal art at Modern Elements, some of these being aluminium, copper, brass, stainless steel. The majority of the metal art made is in aluminium because of its durability and lightweight capabilities. Christopher finds these materials are great mediums to manipulate and sculpt for his artistic needs.
Multi Panel Metal Art
Originality and Uniqueness
The originality of these artworks comes within the design process. It's highly unlikely no two will ever be actually the same as they will vary from what's in the images. Obviously, the art would look very similar, but due to the nature of how these are made, it would be near impossible to do an exact replica. But saying this, you can rest assured that this is what makes each piece totally original and unique.
The Magic
The magic comes within the etching process where you will discover sculpted textures and mesmerising patterns. These patterns flow together, reflecting the light and dramatically changing at every angle. Magical!
Abstract Metal Painting
So Vibrant
On most metal paintings, the artist will layer his unique pigments onto the metal surface. These colours are vibrant as well as transparent, so light bounces through and reflects back in a showcase of beauty.

Most of Christopher's modern art and metal clocks are reproductions. Because of the design process, it is highly unlikely no two will ever actually be the same. Even though this is only slightly different from what's in the images he provides us. You can rest assured this is what makes each piece original and unique.

More About the Artist...
Christopher Henderson, the primary metal artist at Modern Elements Art, has been utilizing his engineering, fabrication, and sheet metal skills to enhance his creative design process. With a lifelong passion for crafting and designing with various materials, he has developed a keen sense of artistic appreciation since his childhood. Inheriting a family legacy of artistry, with his uncle being a geometric and abstract artist and his father a fine art dealer, it's no surprise that Christopher's calling is to be an artist.
All metal wall art is made to order from his art studio in the UK.
Please contact me about commissioned artwork.
Email: info@modernelementsart.com