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Encrypted Blockchain Certificate of Authenticity

Crypto Art
Our modern art now comes with encrypted Certificate of Authenticity. This is a blockchain verification that will be sent digitally with your details of ownership encrypted on to the blockchain anonymously. It is just like a NFT (Non- Fungible token) but you get a physical piece of art and digital certificate of ownership.

What is Blockchain Art Verification?

Blockchain verified art is artwork that has then been verified by technology known as the blockchain. The blockchain is used for storing and transmitting information securely and transparently. It operates without any central control and its technology at the heart of the decentralised web.
With our metal art we use a certificate of authenticity that is encrypted by using blockchain technology through Verisart. The certificate database will contain all the history of its owners and any exchanges made since its creation. This database is secure and information is only shared between its various users to check the validity of ownership.

Where did the blockchain come from?

Origins of the blockchain first appeared in 2008 along with the crypto currency bitcoin. The blockchain was developed by an unknown man called Satoshi Nakamoto. Blockchain certificates work by using a programmable token like a digital currency.

The Future of the Blockchain!

Even though the blockchain and bitcoin were built together for the purpose of digital currency many other companies have found other purposes. The potential of these blockchain art verifications provide security, transparency and promises further broader applications for the future.

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