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christopher hendersonAbout the Artist
Christopher Henderson is the primary metal artist at Modern Elements Art. He worked as an engineer, sheet metal and fabrication for most of his working life and has gained many skills that have become extremely useful in his creative design process. Christopher has always had passion for creating and designing things from metal and other materials. He was very artistic growing up and had a great appreciation for all kinds of art. His uncle is a geometric & abstract artist and dad a fine art dealer, so you could say it was in his gene pool to become an artist

What is Modern Elements Art?

Modern Elements Art is an art project that creates unique contemporary metal wall art. Modern Elements Art was formed in 2019 by metal artist Christopher Henderson as a platform for selling his artwork.

Only quality materials are used to produce the metal art at Modern Elements, some of these being aluminium, copper, brass, stainless steel. Majority of the metal art made is in aluminium because of its durability and lightweight capabilities. Christopher finds these materials are great mediums to manipulate and sculpt to his artistic needs.

The originallity of these artworks comes within the design process. It's highly unlikely no two will ever be actually same as they will slightly vary from what's in the images. Obviously the art would look very similar but due to the nature of how these are made it would be near dame impossible to do an exact replica. But saying this you can rest assure that this is what makes each piece totally original and unique.
The Magic
The magic comes within the etching process where you will discover sculpted textures and mesmerising patterns. These patterns flow together reflecting the light and dramatically changing at every angle. Magical!
Abstract Metal Painting
So Vibrant
On most of the metal paintings the artist will layer his unique pigments onto the metals surface. These colours are vibrant as well transparent so light bounces through and reflects back in a showcase of beauty.
Most of Christopher's modern art and metal clocks are reproductions. Because of the design process it is highly unlikely no two will ever be actually same. Even though this is only slightly from what's in the images he provides us. You can rest assure this is what makes each piece original and unique
All metal wall art is made to order from his art studio in the UK.
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Made to Order

These artworks are hand made to order this means once an order is placed it needs to be made from start to finish. Once that is compcompletelete your item can be packaged and shipped out to you.

Before purchasing if you require custom requirements you can arrange these modifications with the artist.

(Subject to possible cost increases for labour & materials)

Processing Time

This item is made to order so after you have bought you art the processing time to make it is usually between 1 - 2 weeks before shipping.

Please contact me if you need your order faster.

Costs may be added depending on urgency.

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Certificate of Authenticity

Our modern art now comes with encrypted Certificate of Authenticity. This is a blockchain verification that will be sent digitally with your details of ownership encrypted on to the blockchain anonymously.

What is Blockchain Art Verification?

Blockchain verified art is artwork that has then been verified by technology known as the blockchain. The blockchain is used for storing and transmitting information securely and transparently. It operates without any central control and its technology at the heart of the decentralised web.
With our metal art we use a certificate of authenticity that is encrypted by using blockchain technology through Verisart. The certificate database will contain all the history of its owners and any exchanges made since its creation. This database is secure and information is only shared between its various users to check the validity of ownership.

Where did the blockchain come from?

Origins of the blockchain first appeared in 2008 along with the crypto currency bitcoin. The blockchain was developed by an unknown man called Satoshi Nakamoto. Blockchain certificates work by using a programmable token like a digital currency.

The Future of the Blockchain!

Even though the blockchain and bitcoin were built together for the purpose of digital currency many other companies have found other purposes. The potential of these blockchain art verifications provide security, transparency and promises further broader applications for the future.